Quick Update on Kyūbunhama

Sorry to jump from sightseeing in Ise to a serious topic so suddenly, but I’m in Sendai right now, just got back from dinner with friends from the time I spent here as an exchange student, and one of them is the coordinator of the volunteer work I participated in after the tsunami in 2011.Continue reading “Quick Update on Kyūbunhama”

Tsunami Cleanup Memories

Today is the second anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake, and for this occasion I have put many of my memories from tsunami cleanup work into a drawing (click the image to see the high-resolution version). This is not a real landscape, I have combined many things (some of which I’ve blogged about before) intoContinue reading “Tsunami Cleanup Memories”

Tsunami Memorials

On July 25, The Japan Times published an article “Tsunami-hit structures eyed as memorials“, which discussed the different opinions people have on whether to preserve some damaged buildings and other ruins left behind by the tsunami on March 11, 2011. I want to use this opportunity to give my opinion on the matter. From theContinue reading “Tsunami Memorials”

One Year Ago…

…I was crouching on the floor in my laboratory at Tohoku University, feeling the ground shake violently, watching the walls shift, shelves break and things fall down. When the earthquake finally stopped, everyone asked “大丈夫?” (Japanese for “Are you OK?”) while coming out of the places where they had taken cover. Fortunately nobody in theContinue reading “One Year Ago…”

Tohoku Rokkon Festival

Last weekend the 東北六魂祭 (Tohoku Rokkon Matsuri) was held in Sendai. The name means “Tohoku Six Spirits Festival” and is a reference to the special meaning of this festival, which was created after the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. The six most famous festivals in Tohoku, one from each prefecture, joined forces to hold aContinue reading “Tohoku Rokkon Festival”