Sapporo Beer Museum – Seeing Snow, part 5

Our last morning in Sapporo was a wonderful sunny one (see part 3 and part 4 for the day before). After moving out of our rooms we stored the luggage in the Youth Hostel’s lockers and set off for the Sapporo Beer Museum. The sunny weather was great for taking photos, like the following one.Continue reading “Sapporo Beer Museum – Seeing Snow, part 5”

Dreamy candles – Seeing Snow, part 4

The visit at the chocolate factory (see part 3) took just a few minutes longer than expected, but it was enough to make us miss both a train and a bus we could have used, so we had to wait almost one hour for the next bus. On the plus side this gave us timeContinue reading “Dreamy candles – Seeing Snow, part 4”

Fish, Ice and Chocolate – Seeing Snow, part 3

We didn’t get up as early as planned on this day (see part 1 and part 2 for the days before), but around 8 am we reached Odori park, where we could see people cleaning freshly fallen snow from the sculptures. I missed this sculpture the night before because we didn’t go to the easternContinue reading “Fish, Ice and Chocolate – Seeing Snow, part 3”

Afternoon in Sapporo – Seeing Snow, part 2

We arrived in Sapporo slightly after 2 pm on the 10th (Thursday, see part 1). When we left the bus terminal it was obvious that people in Sapporo are used to dealing with lots of snow. One side of the stairs was closed, the other covered in rubber mats to make it non-slippery. Trees andContinue reading “Afternoon in Sapporo – Seeing Snow, part 2”

New in Japan: Gold vending and IV bar

Two articles in The Japan Times caught my eye during the last few days, and I thought I’d comment on them here. Gold vending machines The first one is “Vending machines to offer gold“. Basically it is just what the title says: A company is installing vending machines that sell gold and silver. They claimContinue reading “New in Japan: Gold vending and IV bar”