Cold Winter

After most of January was fairly warm, the weather has been freezing cold with wonderful sunshine since about a week. A stream in the woods next to my university is frozen solid, the ponds nearby are at least partially frozen, but there’s no snow. Today I took the opportunity to take some photos. Enjoy! IContinue reading “Cold Winter”

Goodbye, Sendai!

My exchange program is complete, so the time has come for me to leave Sendai. To be precise I had scheduled the departure for today, but typhoon “Roke” insisted on traveling the same route in the opposite direction (Tokyo to Sendai), so I’ll have to stay one more night. Nonetheless, it is now time toContinue reading “Goodbye, Sendai!”

Japanese Election Campaign

Next Sunday will be election day for Sendai’s local elections. They were originally scheduled for spring but have been pushed back because of the earthquake in March. It’s difficult to hold elections when the basic infrastructure is not working, right? In the photo you can see a board with candidates’ campaign posters. In Japan, suchContinue reading “Japanese Election Campaign”