Peculiar Ethernet Timings

Have you ever tried sending one Ethernet packet every 78 microseconds? If not, what would you expect to happen? Actually, I did that kind of experiment (and many others) last year in my graduation thesis “Development of a Scalable and Distributed System for Precise Performance Analysis of Communication Networks“, which is now published. For the thesis I developed a system called the Lightweight Universal Network Analyzer (LUNA), which can generate packets at precise times and record their arrival times, among other things. When I tested it on different hardware, I got some surprising results.

Playing with Verilog

This is the first programming post since I came to Japan. If you just want to know what I’m up to and are not interested in the technology, you can stop reading after the first paragraph, although you’re welcome to read on and enjoy the pictures. 😉 The last few weeks I’ve been reading aContinue reading “Playing with Verilog”