Not Just A Nokia Problem!

Death Twitches: Nokia Caught Wiretapping Encrypted Traffic From Its Handsets You’ve probably heard about the Nokia wiretapping thing already, but if not the link above will fill you in. This is another example why it is bad that phone manufacturers usually remain in control of phones after sale, and it’s not just a Nokia problem.Continue reading “Not Just A Nokia Problem!”

Good documentation can be funny

java.lang.System.nanoTime() is used to measure time spans as precisely as possible (if you actually get nanosecond precision depends on the platform). I just found a funny warning in the documentation: Differences in successive calls that span greater than approximately 292 years (263 nanoseconds) will not accurately compute elapsed time due to numerical overflow. I didn’tContinue reading “Good documentation can be funny”

Testing my Android SDK

After building my Android SDK, it is now time to learn how to write applications. I have quite a bit of experience with Java, but there’s a bunch of Android-specific stuff to take care of. Unlike the Android SDK build I complained about, the documentation about application development is easy to find and comprehensive. IContinue reading “Testing my Android SDK”