Posted by: Airtower | 2014-03-04

The Married Rocks of Futami

The last sightseeing spot in Futami we went to yesterday (March 3) were the 夫婦岩 (Meotoiwa), or “Married Rocks”. These two rocks are the most famous part of 二見興玉神社 (Futami Okitama-jinja) shrine.

Two Rocks in the sea, connected by thick cords, and a small torii on the bigger (left) one

While the teachers and leaflets here say that the big stone is the husband and the small one the wife, a Japanese couple I visited the place with a few years ago had a (playful, not serious) fight over the attributions. :mrgreen: Either way, the rocks are certainly popular with couples, and I saw many taking pictures together in front of them.

Two Rocks in the sea, connected by thick cords, some smaller ones around them

I think the picture above is the best of the photos I took, so I uploaded it at full resolution. In the one below, the interesting thing is the sign next to the torii: a white horse galloping in front of the red sun. Since I hadn’t heard anything about horses related to this shrine, I asked the people from Kogakkan University what this was about. The answer was that this year is the year of the horse, and upon further inquiry that they indeed change the sign every year.

View over a parking lot to a torii in front of a hill slope. A sign with a white galloping horse in front of the red sun stands next to the torii.

And finally, a photo of just the sea. Futami is a beautiful place, and I loved the strong wind, although it felt kind of cold. But that’s no problem a robust jacket can’t solve. 🙂

View over the sea with a few rocks sticking out of the waves in the foreground, some low mountains in the background on the right



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