Local Food: Ise Udon, Tekone-zushi, and Akafuku

Both before and after visiting Naiku today, we had the opportunity to try local specialties. For lunch, we had 伊勢うどん (“Ise Udon”), with one of three possible side dishes. I chose てこね寿司 (“Tekone-zushi”).

Tray with various food items

Various styles of Udon noodles are eaten throughout Japan. Ise Udon (white bowl, bottom left) were described to us as “fast food of the Edo era”, because they are fairly soft and quick to prepare. Tekone-zushi is bonito sashimi (raw fish) flavored with soy sauce on top of rice (in the big wooden bowl). Tekone-zushi is a type of sushi, although it looks quite different from the common sushi roll (“maki sushi”). The soy sauce gives the usually very mild sashimi a slightly saltier taste. The side dishes in the picture are miso soup, a little sea weed based salad, and orange jelly.

Akafuku on a plate, next to a cup of tea

After seeing Naiku, we had some 赤福 (“Akafuku”). Akafuku is mochi (sticky rice cake) covered in anko (sweet red bean paste). The kanji literally mean “red luck”. 😀

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