Posted by: Airtower | 2014-02-23

Arrival in Ise

This morning (Sunday, February 23) I arrived in Japan after 11 hours of flight from Frankfurt. The flight itself was uneventful, but as I had feared, I couldn’t really sleep during that time, and if you don’t count dozing off a little once in a while, I’ve been awake for about 30 hours as of this writing.

White and light blue bus parked at a roadside, labelled "皇學館大学"

All participants were picked up at Chubu Centrair International Airport. We then took a ferry across Ise Bay to Tsu, where a Kogakkan University bus (pictured above) was waiting to take us to the dorm in Ise.

After arrival, we had an introduction to the dorm facilities, a tour to the local supermarket (really big!) and Udon dinner with the staff, the latter being a funny similarity to my first days in Sendai about three and a half years ago. Now I really need to sleep and hope the trains running just below my window will let me. 😉


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