Welcome, Mr. Snowden!

Although the German government rejected Edward Snowden’s request for asylum, the German Pirate Party would be happy to welcome him to Germany. So happy, in fact, that today at 1 PM Pirates were waiting to welcome Mr. Snowden at eight airports throughout Germany, like these four in Hannover!

Four people with a sign saying "Mr. E. Snowden" in front of Hannover airport
Welcoming committee at Hannover airport, photo by Dirk Hillbrecht

While no-one seriously expected Mr. Snowden to arrive in Germany today, the demand to grant him asylum and protect him from extradition is very serious. He took a huge risk to let the world know about the massive surveillance. We should thank him for that, and not let the US hunt him down. It is a shame that the whistleblower who made the US government’s crimes public is now treated as if he was the criminal. The second demand connected to today’s event is for the EU to decisively take action against spying now. Pirate Parties worldwide have published a joint six step plan towards that goal.

I didn’t know about the welcome committee event beforehand, but when I started to see photos floating around Twitter, I decided to collect them. And here they are:

Stuttgart Airport

Two men standing in an airport arrival area holding signs that say "Mr. E. Snowden"
Welcoming committee at Stuttgart airport, photo by @T_E_Torres (tweet)

Düsseldorf Airport

This photo by @BerndPirat is available under the CC-BY license. More photos: no. 1, no. 2

Nuremberg Airport

Munich Airport

Cologne Bonn Airport

@H3rmi of the Priate Party Rhein-Erft district chapter, photographed by @utzer. They also have a press release (German) with more photos.

Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Berlin Tegel Airport

Hannover Airport

Four people with a sign saying "Mr. E. Snowden" in front of Hannover airport
Welcoming committee at Hannover airport, photo by Dirk Hillbrecht

Already seen above, but someone might wonder why the list contains only seven airport names otherwise. :mrgreen:


4 thoughts on “Welcome, Mr. Snowden!

  1. This is amazing. I’m really glad to see the people are extending support to Mr. Snowden. At the same time, our media seems to have been focusing almost exclusively on his travels rather than any of the information he brought to light. I wonder how this trend will pan out once his safety is secured.

    1. That is an important point. I think some people (especially in the US intelligence agencies) are happy about every day people talk about Mr. Snowden’s potential travel plans, instead of the wrongdoing he revealed.

      1. Absolutely. I’m seeing a little bit of coverage on the actual wrongdoing, though, so I’m hopeful. I hope it’s not all for naught. We’ll have to wait it out, I guess.

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