Not Just A Nokia Problem!

Death Twitches: Nokia Caught Wiretapping Encrypted Traffic From Its Handsets

You’ve probably heard about the Nokia wiretapping thing already, but if not the link above will fill you in. This is another example why it is bad that phone manufacturers usually remain in control of phones after sale, and it’s not just a Nokia problem. Most smartphones are made to prevent the user from changing the software without manufacturer or provider’s approval, leaving the user at their mercy as seen above. This is bad. I think phone manufacturers should be forced to give out all information the user needs to really own the device — at least hardware specifications (to write alternative operating systems) and a way to actually replace the OS.

If you say “Who would want to replace their smartphone’s OS?”: People are already doing that, but they need to figure out specifications and ways around the manufacturer’s countermeasures. They shouldn’t have to! Also, manufacturers often don’t provide software updates, including security updates, even for fairly new devices. Of course they make more money if the user is forced to buy a new phone to stay safe and can’t just do the update himself… 😈

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