No Laptops allowed? Break out the typewriters!

Today, two Pirate Party representatives in the Schleswig-Holstein (northernmost state of Germany) state parliament did something quite unusual: Breaking out typewriters in plenary.

Angelika Beer with typewriter in the Schleswig-Holstein state paliament
Angelika Beer with typewriter, photo provided by the Pirate parliamentary group

This rather surprising behavior was a response to a change of the state parliament’s rules of procedure that forbids members to use laptops in plenary. :mrgreen: Seriously though, trying to ban representatives from using laptops in plenary is as ridiculous as banning pens and paper. To me, this looks like an attempt to obstruct the Pirate representatives’ work, which was countered with epic trolling. We’ll see how long the ban lasts.

The change of the rules of procedure also makes the discussions in the state parliament’s Council of Elders secret by default, which is not funny at all. The public has a right to know what is going on in parliament.

3 thoughts on “No Laptops allowed? Break out the typewriters!

  1. Of course, the use of tablets is explicitly allowed, so they aren’t trying to deny internet access.

    1. Well, not it’s not completely denied, but it prevents representatives from using the tools they find the most useful. Also the new rules try to restrict what they are allowed to on the Internet, and there is another initiative to prohibit things like tweeting about an ongoing plenary discussion.

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