Victory, sweet victory: ACTA is dead

Demonstration, with two people in the foreground: One holding a sign "Safe the Freedom, Stop ACTA", the other with a Minecraft head hat

Today, the European Parliament rejected ACTA with 478 votes to 39,
and 165 abstentions. With the largest economy worldwide out, ACTA is effectively dead worldwide. This is an epic victory for all of us to fought against ACTA, tweeted, mailed and called MEPs, took to the streets, and so much more. Thanks to all of you! We defeated the European Commission, huge companies, a number of national governments (including the US), and more to defend our freedom. New threads to a free net and civil rights are rising (think IPRED2, TPP, INDECT, …), but today we celebrate out victory!

Rick Falkvinge of the Swedish Pirate Party has a great (longer) writeup over at his blog.

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