Posted by: Airtower | 2012-05-14

Anti-ACTA Demonstration Photos

Last Saturday we had another Anti-ACTA demonstration here in Dortmund, and I thought I’d post some photos. It was a lot smaller that the previous two, but I still met people who had come from Düsseldorf to attend. Though it currently seems likely that the European Parliament will reject ACTA, it’s not certain until the vote is cast and counted, so we have to keep the pressure up. Also, repelling ACTA is not enough: The same people who are responsible for ACTA are already working on new laws and agreements that would have similar consequences. We have to change the direction of policy, and it is encouraging that the Pirate Party (German) won 20 seats in the Nordrhein-Westfalen state parliament in yesterday’s elections. 🙂

Rainer Klute speaking from a stage, listeners (one with Anonymous flag) in the foreground, Pirate Party flag in the background

The Pirate Party and Anonymous were the most visible, but some other groups were there, too.

Marco Bülow speaking from a stage, listeners (one with Anonymous flag) in the foreground

Members of various parties spoke at the demonstration, but the CDU (conservatives) was notably (but not surprisingly) absent. Speakers included two members of the German national parliament (“Bundestag”) and one of the Nordrhein-Westfalen state parliament.

Protesters walking along a road with Anti-ACTA signs. Police in the background.



  1. […] final vote on ACTA in the European Parliament is scheduled for July 4th. This vote is crucial: If the EP rejects ACTA, […]

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