Stop ACTA! – Demonstration in Dortmund

Many people gathered in a square, some signs and party flags visible

Today, about 2500 people gathered in my hometown of Dortmund, tens of thousands in Germany and many more all across Europe to demonstrate against ACTA, the “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement”. This treaty that was negotiated in secret and massively threatens civil rights, the existence of the Internet as we know it and even human lives. The European Union hasn’t ratified ACTA yet, and we want to make sure it never will. If you don’t know why ACTA is so dangerous, look here.

Demonstration, with two people in the foreground: One holding a sign "Safe the Freedom, Stop ACTA", the other with a Minecraft head hat

As you can see, our demonstration was peaceful and humorous despite the serious matter. The demonstrations were so big and many that the “Tagesschau”, the by far most famous German TV news broadcast, opened with a story about it. 🙂

Many people gathered in a square, some signs and party flags visible

Even a funny robot was demonstrating. 😀 I hope politicians, especially the members of the European parliament, get the message: Don’t try to take our freedom, don’t mess with our Net!

Silvery robot carrying a Stop ACTA poster, people watching from the left, a few policemen in the background

4 thoughts on “Stop ACTA! – Demonstration in Dortmund

  1. the title is missleading XD
    There needs to be at least a komma between ACTA and demonstration. Otherwise it sounds like you want the demonstrations to stop, which obviously is not the case here. 😉

    Other than that I have nothing to add. Of course I disagree with the ACTA and hope the demonstations will ring a bell or two in politics 😉

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