New Rice Cooker

One thing I missed since returning from Japan to Germany was my rice cooker. A friend of mine who’ll go to Japan soon had to go to Düsseldorf (a nearby town with a large number of Japanese residents) yesterday, so we went together and I finally bought a rice cooker.

Opened rice cooker with grey pot inside, filled with rice.

Sadly the fancy rice cookers that are common in Japan are really expensive around here: The one I really liked would have cost almost 200 Euro. I chose to get a simple one instead, that only cooks the rice and then keeps it warm. At 56 Euro it cost about as much as the rice cooker I had in Japan, but that one had a timer and multiple cooking programs. I guess there just isn’t enough demand for rice cookers in Germany.

If you’re wondering why I just didn’t take my Japanese rice cooker with me when I returned to Germany, the reason is the different power system. Japanese power sockets provide 110V, in Germany it’s 230V, so I would have had to buy a transformer, and a transformer that can sustain the current required to run the rice cooker would have been about as expensive as a new rice cooker – the fancy kind. 😦

Still, I’m glad to have a rice cooker again, and as a special treat I even bought some Japanese rice. 🙂

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