Walking around Asakusa

Today’s trip was to Asakusa (浅草), an area know for preserving some of the old Tokyo. We took the train to Asakusabashi and walked from there, which had the advantage that I got to see the same place as on my first evening in Japan, but people who don’t like walking might want to choose a different station.

The “Tokyo Skytree” is still under construction but already an impressive sight. I could catch a glimpse of the top yesterday, but today I could see it really well.

Crossing in Tokyo with Skytree in the center background

Kaminarimon (雷門, “thunder gate”) is the entrance to the area of shops and food stalls along the road to Senso-ji, a famous Buddhist temple, and a famous sight in itself.

Big red gate in traditional Japanese style, with a large paper lantern in the middle

Senso-ji has a beautiful pagoda.

A red and white pagoda with 5 roof levels

From Asakusa we took a walk along the Sumidagawa river, which some of you might remember from my first blog post from Japan. Since the Edo era Yakata-bune (屋形船) boats on the river can be rented for private parties and similar events.

A ship with a large flat cabin and paper lanterns

This bridge decoration corresponds with the Skytree in an interesting way.

Tokyo Skytree in the background and a blue bridge decoration in the foreground

Finally we got to the place where I had first seen the river. Compare!

River with high buildings in the background, red fence and paved way in the foreground

From there we walked to Akihabara and took the train back to my hosts’ house after I bought something that will be revealed later.

Platform in a two track station, with a train on the opposite track

Before returning home we stocked up on food and some other stuff. I was surprised to find a German style bakery – well, real German bakeries rarely have pictures of Neuschwanstein castle, but it’s close. 😉 I have yet to verify the bread quality, though.

Storefront of a bakery, labeled in German

Back at home, I could finally unwrap the figures I bought in Akihabara. 🙂

3 small figures of girls wearing yukata

For those who aren’t in the know, these are Mikuru, Haruhi and Yuki (from left to right) from “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya“.

One thought on “Walking around Asakusa

  1. wahhhh wie kawaiiiii *auch so figürchen kaufen werd* *gggg*

    klingt nach nem schönen Tag, schade dass ich mir Tokyo nicht anschaun werde (habs Jan versprochen, na ja gibt auch andere coole Städte ^^) freu mich aber dich bald hier zu wissen ^^

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