Goodbye, Sendai!

My exchange program is complete, so the time has come for me to leave Sendai. To be precise I had scheduled the departure for today, but typhoon “Roke” insisted on traveling the same route in the opposite direction (Tokyo to Sendai), so I’ll have to stay one more night.

Nonetheless, it is now time to say goodbye to my friends, colleagues and the city of Sendai. Thank you, and I hope to come back some day! Here’s a photo from the dinner my friends from church treated me to, as a representative of many parties and goodbye presents.

Plate with sashimi (raw fish filet)

The sashimi (raw fish filet) was delicious, and there were other nice things to eat, too. As I’m writing this storm and rain outside sound like a giant high-pressure cleaner was hitting the city, but the weather report says it’s going to be nice and sunny tomorrow. 🙂

If you want to know the latest about typhoon weather in Japan, check the JMA Tropical Cyclone Information.

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