Japanese Election Campaign

Next Sunday will be election day for Sendai’s local elections. They were originally scheduled for spring but have been pushed back because of the earthquake in March. It’s difficult to hold elections when the basic infrastructure is not working, right?

A large board with numbered fields, some of them filled with posters

In the photo you can see a board with candidates’ campaign posters. In Japan, such boards are put up before elections, and each candidate may post their poster in one of the numbered fields. I think this is a very fair approach.

Another common thing in Japanese election campaigns are cars with loudspeakers through which candidates ask voters to choose them. When I was in Hiroshima, which was not affected by the earthquake and held elections on April 10th as planned, I woke up because one candidate was wishing people a good morning by loudspeaker at 8 am on a Sunday – in Germany that would be a way to get unpopular really fast. 😉 I haven’t seen (or rather heard) many of these cars in Sendai yet, though.

One thought on “Japanese Election Campaign

  1. i cannot see it… such a pity! it must be a lot of fun… no such kind of thing exist in China,

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