Posted by: Airtower | 2011-07-29

Humid Summer Days

The last few days were not only very warm, but also had a high humidity. On Wednesday evening it felt like the rain had decided not to fall but rather stop mid-air to say hi. The three fat toads I saw on the way home seemed to enjoy the weather – probably because there were a lot of flies, too.

A big, brown toad with one light brown and one black stripe at the side

Wednesday and Thursday many visitors came to the Tohoku University “Open Campus”, most of them high schoolers from all over Tohoku, Niigata prefecture, and possibly other places, too. It’s kind of cute when they test their courage by saying “Hello” to the foreigner (me). 😉 I didn’t have much time to look around because there’s only about one and a half weeks left until I have to present my research at the COLABS program‘s semester end conference. Completing the result of almost one year of work feels good!


  1. […] surprising how many animals I see around the city: lizards, toads, and of course cats. On warm and dry summer days the crickets make a lot of noise, but I’m […]

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