Tohoku Rokkon Festival

Last weekend the 東北六魂祭 (Tohoku Rokkon Matsuri) was held in Sendai. The name means “Tohoku Six Spirits Festival” and is a reference to the special meaning of this festival, which was created after the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. The six most famous festivals in Tohoku, one from each prefecture, joined forces to hold a common festival in Sendai and encourage everyone to keep their spirits high for reconstruction.

Gate with "東北六魂祭" written on top, colorful paper decoration on both sides, lots of people

The festival started on Saturday, but sadly I didn’t have time to go until Sunday afternoon when it was almost over and thus missed the parades. A huge crowd had gathered around the main stage. I couldn’t understand all of the song, but it was about working together, staying strong and that kind of things. Just right!

Many people in front of a stage with a music performance. Tanabata decoration around the stage.

When I asked the nice people at this sweets stall if they’d mind me taking a photo, the man behind the counter asked to pixelate the faces, so I did that in the picture below. Well, except for the guy standing behind the towel. 😉 The sold oval-shaped cakes with different fillings, I bought one with anko (red bean paste).

People making oval-shaped cakes with filling

Many people were enjoying the festival, although it was very hot. Children were playing in the fountain which you can seen in the left part of the picture.

Stair with shadow in the foreground, a fountain on the left side, tents with many people around them in the background

Photos of the tsunami damage were displayed.

Photos from the tsunami hit areas, put up on black boards

When I was a child, such festival games were made out of real wood. Then again, they were selling those touchscreen devices on the other side of the stall, and games without computers were available elsewhere. 😉

Game stall with two iPads

Of course our local mascot むすび丸 (Musubimaru), the rice-ball headed samurai with Masamune helmet, was also there. The sign says “Let’s do our best for reconstruction, Miyagi!”

Musubimaru with sign "復興へ頑張ろう!みやぎ"

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