Tuesday night in Sendai

Tonight I left the lab short after 10 p.m., while our professor and a Japanese student were playing Halo. As you might have guessed from the time, I’m quite busy these days, which is why I haven’t been blogging for a while.

As usual I took the bus from Aobayama campus to Kawauchi campus, where I changed to my bicycle. The roads were free, the head wind provided nice cooling, and I went fast. Near Sanjo, I passed by some construction on the power lines (this kind of thing is often done at night to minimize traffic disturbance). I barely managed not to run over a toad sitting in the middle of a small path with walls on either side next to a temple just south of the dorm.

At the dorm I was happy to see the bus I got out of at Kawauchi arrive at about the same time. 🙂 Not so nice is that the temperature in my dorm room is still above 30°C. “暑いね。” (“Hot, isn’t it?”) is an essential part of small talk these days.

Hopefully I’ll find time to write more soon, in the meantime, you can enjoy this picture I took one and a half week ago when I was at sea while volunteering (click the photo for more explanation).

Sea with a row of floating devices connected by ropes, woody coast in the background.

One thought on “Tuesday night in Sendai

  1. Ist schon ok dass du nicht sooo fot blogs wie vorher ^^
    Bist ja auch bald wieder da und kannst alles im Detail erzählen

    noch schöne letzte Wochen! Genieß die Zeit ^^

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