Lunchtime conversations: Sushi and nuclear power

Once again, my Sunday lunch conversation was quite educational. This time I was taught about sushi, that is, I learned that sushi doesn’t always look like people from outside Japan think.

This variation is called “散らしずし” (Chirashi Sushi), from “散らす” (chirasu), meaning “to scatter.” The point here is that the nori (dried algae), fried egg and other ingredients are cut into small pieces and scattered over the rice. When I learned that this is sushi, I had already started eating, so sorry about the photo of half eaten lunch.

rice in a box, with nori, egg and some other stuff

At that point I became curious what the definition of sushi in general is and asked that question. The answer? Apparently anything where rice is combined with something else into a single dish can be sushi, although I’m not sure if the reverse is true. 😉

A bit after lunch I talked to two young women who immediately started talking about nuclear power when they heard that I’m from Germany. They were curious about the German plans to stop using nuclear power and are in favor of shutting down the Japanese plants as well, but doubt this is really going to happen. Maybe the most interesting quote: “This is a problem for not just one country,” referring to both the Fukushima incident and nuclear power in general.

As before, I can’t say if this is representative. However it matches other conversations I’ve had, so I believe that many people in Japan would like to abandon the use of nuclear power, but it remains unclear how far this will influence government policy.

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