One year of blogging

Today is one year since I published the first post on my blog, so here’s a quick “Thank you!” to everyone who’s been reading. I’m especially happy about feedback, whether in the comments below, in normal conversation (like at lunch after church, hey guys!), mail or something else. Why? Because writing is a lot more fun if I know that there are people interested in reading!


This it post number 90, and as of this writing the WordPress statistics say there were 11,495 views all-time. Before coming to Japan almost all of my posts were about Linux & programming, and “Using a UDP socket as event source in GLib main loop” is still the most visited post. Recently, however, I’ve been mostly writing about Japan, with 58 posts in the category.

3 thoughts on “One year of blogging

  1. Lieber Thomas,

    whow, das ist eine beeindruckende Statistik, finde ich. Ich gratuliere!
    Zu den Linux-Texten kann ich ja rein gar nichts sagen, habe sie auch nie gelesen. Aber die Japan-Texte schon meistens. Ich finde, es sind gute ethnographische Texte: Durch Deine Beobachtungen wird manches Alltägliche zu etwas Besonderem …


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