Start of Semester impressions

Today I’ve been back to my laboratory at Tohoku University for the first time since the day of the Great Tohoku Earthquake. Our building suffered only minor damage as shown by a green “inspected” sign, that also says to take care because some of the facade’s tiles have become loose.

A tile facade, some of the tiles are missing, others partially separated from the wall.

Some of the bathrooms in our building cannot be used, and because of that the women’s bathroom on our floor has been converted into a men’s bathroom. There are pink sinks and toilets in there…

The neighboring older electrical engineering building cannot be used as indicated by a red sign (in case you somehow ignored the barrier around it), but I saw someone planting flowers inside the perimeter (look at the right edge of the photo). Workers were also entering the building, so I hope it will get fixed soon. Many of the laboratories that used to be inside the older building have moved to ours, so it has become quite cramped.

Blocked-off building, someone planting flowers inside perimeter

The Aoba-Cafeteria (あおば食堂) has a yellow sign, which means that only parts of the building can be used. Luckily the area needed to prepare, sell and eat food belongs to the usable part!

Today (April 25th) marks the delayed beginning of this year’s spring semester. However, the campus is still very quiet, I assume that it is mostly because many classes will not start immediately. The dorm is even quieter: When I returned home around half past seven in the evening, I counted the number of lit up windows in the International House’s A and D blocks and found only nine. I’m not sure of the exact number of rooms, but it should be around 150. I suppose most of the foreign regular students will return, but I wonder how many of the other exchange students will come back.

One thought on “Start of Semester impressions

  1. Ist ja lang gneug her dassi ch kommentiert habe. Chatte so oft mit dir da denke ich da ie dran

    jedenfalls alles gute fürs neue Semester ^^

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