Posted by: Airtower | 2011-04-20

Japanese Garden: Shousei-en

Today I visited Shousei-en (渉成園), a Japanese garden in the heart of Kyoto.

Japanese garden, pond in the foreground, Chinese style bridge in the middle.

I love how Japanese gardens can create the impression of space while being actually rather small. Shousei-en is smaller than 500×500 meters, yet I could spend a long time there without getting bored, because there are many different things to see and small paths to explore. The garden is like a tiny world of its own.

A stone lantern between bushes, trees in the background, a small gate on the right side.

There is an entrance fee of 500 yen, but different from many other places I didn’t get just a small entry ticket, but rather a 26-page book with explanations (mostly Japanese), photos and a map. A sign at the entrance affirms that the money is completely used to take care of the garden.


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