The careful frog

Can you guess what this is?

Careful frog (sign on the ground at a traffic light)

This is a sign on the ground in front of a traffic light near a primary school close to my dorm, and identical signs can be found at other traffic lights and crossings in the area. The big text in white on red says “Stop!”, while the columns on the right and left say “Look to the right!” and “Look to the left!”, respectively. Note that all text is written in Hiragana (one of the Japanese syllable scripts), so that even kindergarten age children should be able to read it and understand that they should follow the frog’s example before crossing the road. šŸ˜‰ The Japanese word for “right” is “ćæ恎” (kanji: 右, pronounced as “migi”), “left” is “ć²ć ć‚Š” (å·¦, “hidari”).

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