A touching story from and thoughts about Egypt

Like many others, I’ve been closely following the recent developments in Egypt. It is amazing to see the people there fight for their freedom! I just want to share a touching story and some thoughts, the actual events are covered in enough other places.

I was created with love!” is a blog post by Mona Seif (@monasosh on Twitter), a young woman participating in the protests. She tells a wonderful story of a child who knows how deeply her parents love her. The post itself is a few weeks old, but she tweeted the link when her father, a regime-critical lawyer, was arrested on the 3rd. He was released yesterday.

I started following the events more closely and hanging around in Telecomix IRC (where I met some interesting people) during the internet shutdown. Obviously I’m now also following some Egyptian Twitter accounts. 😉

off to Tahrir square #Jan25

I think it was when I read this tweet that I realized how much I started caring about these people who I never met. I was a little worried and impressed by her courage at the same time. Are there still people who say that the internet makes people apathetic and isolated? The sad thing is that they’ll probably never read this.

Demonstration at Tahrir Square
Demonstration at Tahrir Square, photo by @monasosh

I understand that many people in the West are worried about the risk of islamists seizing power and the peace treaty with Israel. Maybe I would share this worry if I hadn’t read the account of people like Mona who are participating in the protest, but now I can’t imagine them giving in to extremists and war mongers after risking limb and life for their freedom. 🙂 Also see this for evidence of peace between the religious groups in Egypt. However, considering the way the US and European governments are treating the revolution I could understand if they’d regard those with suspicion. I hope and pray that the protest will be successful and Egypt will find a peaceful way to freedom and democracy. And if any of of the people participating in the protest read this: I wish you all the best!

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