Snow days

The last few days brought a lot of snow in Sendai, and someone made this creature I saw on Sunday. I’m not sure what it is supposed to be, though the red spots make me think of Pikachu. Last night we got even more snow, and I took the opportunity to get some more photos. Enjoy!

A creature made of snow, with red cheeks

The Hirose river’s valley looks a bit different with snow. What you can’t see in this picture is that there was ice on at least one calm spot near the shore.

Hirose river with snow

The typical power lines, a traffic light, trees and a wonderful blue sky – I really like this photo.

Snow, power lines and blue sky, traffic light in the foreground

The ways around the Kawauchi campus are kept free using this colorful equipment.

Colorful snow shovels at Kawauchi campus

And finally a somewhat unusual perspective of spiral stairs. Notice the small icicles!

Snowy spiral stairs with trees

2 thoughts on “Snow days

  1. hey, hier hats auch wieder geschneit
    *endlich gutes Wetter haben mag *sigh*
    ich glaub übrigens dass das tatsächlichein Pikachu darstellen sollte, wegen der Ohren ^^

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