Posted by: Airtower | 2011-01-12

No Earthquakes in Finland

After another earthquake about one hour ago I want to share a small anecdote from new year’s day. I was invited to have dinner with a Japanese family, and the 7-year-old son told me something that he found really surprising: “In Finland there are no volcanoes and no earthquakes!”

He had learned that fact from a Finnish guest, and for me, coming from a country without volcanoes and with very few earthquakes myself, the unusual thing is that someone thinks that “no earthquakes” is unusual. Of course I hope there won’t be an actually threatening quake, but the ones I experienced were rather interesting and exciting. It all depends on what you’re used to. 😉



  1. […] by “getting used to”. Quakes are not something you can just ignore, but they do become something normal. Well, at least the smaller ones up to level 3 or 4 on the Japanese intensity scale (PDF […]

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