First snow in Sendai

Yesterday around noon a few snowflakes started falling from an almost blue sky. When I wanted to return home from the university in the evening, a noticeable amount of snow was lying on my bicycle, and this morning the roofs I can see from my window where white.

View over Sendai with snow on the roofs

Luckily there was no ice on the roads, so I was able to use my bicycle and get to class in time. Around noon almost no snow was left to be seen, but I could take this nice picture with snow and a flower.

A red flower with a bit of snow around it.

The kanji for snow is 雪 (ゆき/yuki), the upper part is the same as the kanji 雨 (あめ/ame) which means “rain”. For some of the other exchange students this is the first time in their lives that they see snow. Must be exiting for them, but this one guy in my Japanese class was just complaining about the cold weather. 😉

One thought on “First snow in Sendai

  1. man habt ihr spät schnee, und das bisschen… also echt
    *aus fenster schau*bibber*

    übrigens bin ich gerade dabei alle formulare für ISEP auszufüllen und so ^-^
    leider ist di weder die uni in kyoto noch die wo veronica hingeht dieses Jahr bei ISEP auf der liste, dass sie Plätze anbieten T.T *sigh*

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