Unusual color, unusual word

After reading about it on Japanpulse, I just had to try this purple potato snack when I saw it in one of the local konbinis. The purple chips/crisps-thingies taste similar to ordinary potato crisps, but they have some different taste I can’t really describe. I like them! I have eaten purple potato salad at the university’s cafeteria which had a similar taste, so I’ll assume that was the same kind of potato.

Chips-like crisps, made from purple potatoes

In kanji class today our teacher taught us one word that I couldn’t find in any dictionary, although Google reports more than 21 million hits: 来仙 (らいせん). We were learning the kanji in 来る (くる, to come), and as always some other words using that kanji. For 来 one of those words is 来日 (らいにち), which means “coming to Japan.” And guess what? 来仙 means “coming to Sendai” (Sendai in kanji: 仙台). As you might know, I arrived in Sendai on October 30th, so I could say: “9月30日に来仙した。” One of the other students asked if similar expressions exist for other cities, like Tokyo or Osaka, but apparently that’s not the case. ^^

One thought on “Unusual color, unusual word

  1. I have seen such purple potatoes even in the REWE on my way home from CNI… Not sooo unusual… But now I will buy some to test 😉

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