Posted by: Airtower | 2010-11-07


Today I had dinner at a cozy ramen place just about a five minutes walk from the dorm. It is so small that it would start to get crowded if more than ten people wanted to eat there at the same time. I paid 580 Yen for the bowl of 醤油ラーメン (しょうゆラーメン, ramen with soup based on soy sauce) pictured below and got a nikuman for free. Delicious, and by chatting a bit with the owner I learned the Japanese word for radish: 大根 (だいこん – ok, I had to look up the kanji). I’m very happy I was able to have the conversation completely in Japanese, although I had to ask for an explanation a few times…


  1. Sieht lecker aus!

  2. […] the word (and kanji) for bamboo shoots, which you might have noticed in the ramen bowl from my previous post. “Bamboo” is 竹 (take), bamboo shoots are 竹の子 (take no ko). The Japanese word […]

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