Posted by: Airtower | 2010-10-16


If you don’t know what the title means: It’s “konbini“, short for “convenience store”. These stores are always open, and sell pretty much anything you might suddenly need – food, cleaning utensils, manga… you get the idea. They’re also everywhere, at least two within 5 minutes walk from my home. I just returned from the nearest コンビニ where I bought some sushi, and I think I understand now why they talk about the “reassuring feeling of going to a konbini in the middle of the night” in ほしのこえ (“Voices of a Distant Star“). 🙂

Five Sushi rolls in a box

Completely unrelated (except it is also about Japan): Take a look at Tetrapod beaches of Japan for some impressive pictures!



  1. […] I’ve cooked a lot of rice, even though I’ve eaten outside or ready-made food from the コンビニ quite often. I recommend reading “In rice we trust — come winter, war or wage slips” […]

  2. […] caring. Why bother about streams on the road when your shoes contain ponds anyway? Luckily any コンビニ (konbini) sells hot drinks! I kind of envied the children who were going home from school, wearing […]

  3. […] shops do not accept credit cards. Bills (e.g. for my mobile phone contract) are often payed via convenience store transfer. I’ll get a form along with the bill, take that to a convenience store, pay the […]

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