Some notes about LaTeX

I’m working on a research paper right now and had to refresh my knowledge of LaTeX for that. Here are some random things I found useful or that I think will be useful as the work progresses. If you don’t know what LaTeX is: It is a typesetting system. Instead of formatting documents in a graphical editor, with LaTeX you can write what you mean plus some commands and generate formatted documents (e.g. PDF or DVI) as needed. You can read more on Wikipedia.


There’s a great LaTeX guide at Wikibooks. I used that when I initially learned LaTeX, and now as a reference. If you’re new to LaTeX, it’s probably a good place to start learning.


With ifpdf, you can tell the compiler to evaluate certain parts of the document only when generating PDF output or when not doing that. I use it to load and configure hyperref only when generating PDF.

  pdftitle={My Research}
  pdfsubject={My research topic}
  pdfkeywords={keyword1, keyword2}
% generating DVI

Quotation marks

Writing correct German quotation marks (“Anführungszeichen”) is really simple, I just needed to find out how. The solution: \glqq and \grqq from the german or ngerman package.

\glqq Hi!\grqq


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